How to enjoy Matcha (powdered green tea)
with ease.

It is the word of "How about a bowl of tea?"
Matcha is the tea well known as Tea Ceremony.
We enjoy a bowl of tea with elegance, mysterious and dignity.

At the same time, we enjoy it as very casual tea too.
It is very easy world.

There are many information about tea ceremony.
We want you to know casual tea world.

 What do you image when you heard the word of "Matcha" (powdered green tea)?
"Tea ceremony", "Bitter", "Difficult", "Ritual", "Hard to knees".....
It is the negative image about Matcha, and it may not wrong.

 On the other hand, many people enjoy this tea as casual tea too.
Please sweep a fixed idea away, and try to enjoy it with easy mind.

 Way of tea is, just boil water, just whip tea then just taste it.

 It is not so difficult to make tea. Of course, it necessary to prepare Tea whisk, Tea bowl and Tea spoon at least. But it is not so difficult process to make it.
Please prepare following items
 CHASEN (Tea whisk)  I recommend to use it strongly, it is possible to make Matcha delicious with it very easily.
 CHAWAN (Tea bowl) Put tea directly into it, then pour hot water, and whip with whisk.
 There are several type of tea bowl in Japan, but matcha bowl is special made to feel tea delicious.

 CHASHAKU (Tea spoon) We place two heaping of this spoon tea. Bamboo is safe to tea bowl.
If it was made of metal, sometime it breaks bow. 

 Prepare cloth to wipe bowl, and waste water bowl.
Today's Utensils

Tea bowl, Tea spoon and Whisk.
Cloth to wipe the bowl and tea in tin.

First, Boil water.
I recommend to boil water by kettle.
If you had iron kettle it is ideal, but any kettle is no problem.
I recommend boil without rid of kettle.

Make warm bowl enough, and wipe by cloth to take drops off.

 Pour boiled water into empty bowl in order to make bowl warm.
If you felt cool, please round the bowl, and warm bowl enough.
Then wipe with cloth. If any drops were left, powdered tea will be lampy.

Put tea into bowl

Place one and half heaping of Matcha spoonful tea into tea bowl.
"One and half" is one of mode of impression.
If we felt the first heap was too small, second is whole one more, and if the frist was too much, please small at second.
Of course if you like rich taste, it is no problem with three heaping or more.

Then please look tea condition, if you found any lumps, break it with tea spoon.
It is against correct way, but it is very easy at cusual way.

Pour Boiling water
Around 40 to 50ml of wate is basic, but if you like more, it is no problem 60 to 70ml.
Please try to change the balance of quantity of tea and water, aqnd find your favorite taste.

 Only you can find your favorite taste.

Whip the tea
It is the most important.
Image is write "1"
Do not round the whisk.

Pour water
Whip with whisk


If babbles were very big and randam sizes, it may very bitter or wild., but creamy small babble surface tea is rich and mild.



Some of tea ceremony sect do not whip full of babbles, and please try to make with babbles and few babbles.

Please look at the movie from link below.