How about a cup of tea?

Happy New Year

We will have new year holiday
from 1st to 3rd.
And we will open at 4th 10:30

We will close at
2nd, 12th and 22nd every month.

This is Horaido home page.
Horaido is the tea shop in Kyoto Japan since 1803.
We have fine Ujicha which is the green tea made in Kyoto prefecture,
and tea utensils in order to make tea delicious.
If you were interested in Japanese green tea, please look our site.

We had License of TAX FREE shop

Exemption will be applied to the case of the purchase 10,801 yen or more at tax include price for total.
In the case of consumables, exemption will be applied in 5,401 yen or more.

And Passport is necessary for the proccess of TAX FREE sales, Copy is not accetable.
Please note it.

We are well!

Nuclear plant accident influenced on many things.
Fortunately, there is no influence on Kyoto
and green tea in Kyoto.
We are receiving order from all over the world, but duty in many countries control the import of food from Japan.
We will ship our teas with certificate of origin which is issued by Kyoto prefecture government,
but it is necessary 10 days to 20 days to take it.
Please understand the delaying to ship.
We have so many sympathy mails and telephone
Thanks for all consideration.
The tea report in 2011 is availabe.

The harvest in 2011 was very good quality.
Tea in Kyoto (Uji) had no radioactivity influences

Our data
Address and Phone

Teramachi Shijo agaru
Nakagyo-ku Kyoto Japan
Tel 81 +75- 221-1215
Fax 81 +75- 213-2502

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Open daily from 10a.m. to 8:50p.m.
Except on the 2nd, 12th and 22nd every month
(in addition to 1-3 jan.)